Parent Packs
Parent Packs

Parent Packs

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  1. Early Elementary (PreK/K/1) – Truthfulness (Tiger) and Helpfulness (Dolphin)
  2. Middle Elementary (Grades 2 & 3) – Respectfulness (Eagle) and Reliability (Camel)
  3. Upper Elementary (Grades 4 & 5) – Responsibility (Orangutan) and Self-Control (Badger)

CWCA Parent Packs were developed in response to parent requests.

Parent Packs are a tailored CWCA curriculum product for parents whose children don’t yet receive CWCA in their school or homeschool.

Each parent pack contains

  • Referenced parental encouragement on “Your Child’s Success” and “The Power of Parents”
  • Two character traits (see list above) per level
  • Two brief lesson plans that involve discussion, story time, a craft and a follow-up plan to help families practice the traits being learned
  • Fun “snippets” of CWCA visuals and content for each trait and animal!