Mentoring Minis

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CWCA Mentoring “Minis” allow you or student mentors to teach an abbreviated, but still impacting, version of Carington’s Wild Character Adventure®.

Mentoring “Minis” include three CWCA character traits/animals and a classroom set of (25) mini backpack books with rings.

  • The first lessons in the “Minis” are always about Caring and the Giraffe. Caring is the foundation of Empathy, and Empathy is the “gateway” for all other character traits.
  • The two additional traits/animals in your Mentoring Mini can be customized, based on your preference.
  • “Big Book” pages are included in the bound “Mentoring Mini” manual instead of being a separate Big Book.
  • Other elements of the CWCA lessons are the same as in the full kit, minus the review lessons, review PowerPoint, and Rap/Rhyme music bed.